Why Home Theater?
Top 10 Reasons To Own A Home Theater
  1. The Power of Control.
  2. You gain a multimedia room.
  3. Increases quality family time.
  4. Avoid inflated ticket prices at cineplex theaters.
  5. Better sound quality than the public theaters.
  6. Your house retains its style and charm.
  7. You don't have to leave home.
  8. The true movie experience.
  9. It's a smart investment.
  10. Participant in today's Information Age.
Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Commercial Movie Theaters
  1. Sticky Floors and seats
  2. "Those" people
  3. Waiting in line
  4. Parking in the rain
  5. Not being able to pause the movie
  6. Uncomfortable seats
  7. Kids kicking your chair
  8. Noise from HVAC, movie nextdoor, etc.
  9. Getting there to find it sold out
  10. Knowing my Home Theater is SO much better
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